The Glitch is a new social gaming lounge aimed at providing a comfortable space for the people of Perth to play videogames, in an open, relaxed environment: we want to bring couch multiplayer/co-operative back to the public.  

We're fully-stocked with the latest big hits, with wall-to-wall next-gen game systems which include Playstations 4s, Xbox Ones and Wii Us - Our systems are updated and available as a pay-per-hour, or in 30 minute interval for those interested in some quick fun, but it's always cheaper to play with friends! Alternatively, the venue, or a number of systems, can be booked in advance for a any events or work functions you desire.


We aim to provide a unique space for all gamers; a social hub that represents the best atmosphere for you to enjoy, and enable you to share your love of games. So, regardless if you are 6 or 60, if you remember the first game you played as Pong or Call of Duty, we invite you to come and play with us!

Weekend Bookings Open (only)


Events, Tournaments or "Lockout" Parties may alter these times on occasion - if so, it will be announced on our Facebook a few days in advance, so check there for daily updates!


Find Us

1242 Hay St, West Perth, 6005


CPP Carpark available behind venue on Mayfair St, Monday to Friday.

FREE STREET PARKING on Sundays, and after 6pm other days.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT is easy: catch the Red Cat bus from the CBD to stop 16 or 17, or the green Cat Bus from Leederville/The Esplanade to stop 7/15.


Book Your Event

Call or email to schedule your function or contact us to learn more.

What to Expect.

Great Games

The newest titles, both single-player and multi-player experiences. Whether you're in for an involving story, some fast paced action, or just want to mess around with some friends, we have the hottest new experiences available.

Next-Gen Technology

The current console state-of-the-art is here! Fully updated Xbox Ones, Playstation 4s and WiiUs, all ready to go with system interconnectivity and high-speed internet, so you can enjoy local co-operative or online play, your way.

Events & Functions

The Glitch venue is available to be booked for a variety of events, like birthday or bachelor parties, work functions, social gatherings for gaming groups, and training events - any kind of event, even if it's just to utilise the awesome space we have available, is a possibility we would be happy to explore with you.


We aim to run a variety of gaming tournaments all year, ranging from fighting game tournaments with cash prizes, special limited edition collectibles available for racing time-trials, and sports titles coinciding with their actual seasons - come along for your chance at gaming glory!

Relaxed Setting

We are a brand new venue with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can kick back with your mates on our super comfy couches, or chill on our lazy beanbags, and play some awesome games - we even have a casual space upstairs just for relaxing between sessions.

Yearly Events & Entertainment

We will be hosting a number of great events throughout the year, with a few examples like: Mario Kart Speed Dating, local DJ's, Indi and Retro Gaming Nights, and special Themed Events around international holidays, such as International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day and Halloween - The Glitch has you covered if you're looking for a great time, all year round.

Glitch System Test